What Book Have You Read Lately?

It is travel season for me in my job as the dean of students at an online school in Minnesota. This means that all of the petitions for truancy (students being absent without excuse from school) are now filed, and students’ families and I stand in courtrooms in Bemidji, Rochester, or somewhere in between while a judge determines if they can remain in my program or be ordered to attend elsewhere. From now until May, I will put a lot of miles on my car, and I am thankful for the mileage reimbursement from my school.

What does this have to do with books?

It has a lot to do with books – audiobooks – as they become my travel companions for the hundreds…thousands…of miles that I will drive in the next four months. Audiobooks transport me from the driver seat of my car to wonderful adventures of fiction or to challenging, mind-sharpening narrative of nonfiction. They pass the time, and they make me feel as though the time is well-used.  In preparation for this travel time, I started to stock up on audiobooks a few weeks ago.  I currently have three of them in the back seat of my car and one in the CD player, and I returned a fifth book last week.

The first book of this season was Think by Lisa Bloom. I had read a blog or news article  by the author about how we should talk to girls, and I was intrigued enough to read more.  I also follow her on Twitter because she is witty.  I devoured this book. I ran errands for fun just so that I could hear more from this book. Although I disagreed with some of its content, the main idea – that women should think and act as thinkers – was great. There was an entire disk dedicated to the importance of literacy. This alone was worth the rest of the entire book.

The second, and current, book is The Language of God by Francis Collins, the head of the human genome project.  The huz has this book in paperback and had recommended it to me last year.  I happened upon it in the audiobook section of the library, and I thought it might be time to oblige and find out what the big deal is.  The subtitle of this book is A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.  That seemed like enough of big deal.  I am nearly finished with it, and I am fascinated by the odd place in which this man finds himself.  The book brings critique from scientists as well as Christians.  I found the content very accessible and very challenging.  I am pretty sure that the huz and I will have several conversations, and I will probably need to have a second listen.  I actually look forward to it!

So – what are you reading? If you have kids, what are your kids reading?

If you are not reading something, it is time to get to the library, bookstore, or iTunes, and get something to read.  By the way, I realize that there is a difference between reading and listening to books, but overall – I think they are about the same.

Whatever the method, get reading!


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4 responses to “What Book Have You Read Lately?

  1. Steve Huffman

    Chronicles of kings series. Historical fiction about Judah from the period of Ahaz to Manassah.


  2. Well, I’ve read “The Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry” dozens of times int he last two days. Andrew’s current fave. 🙂


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