No-Correction Tuesday is Here

IMG-20120206-00195The picture to the left is of a book that actually sits on my night stand. I need something on which to place my glass of water each night. Someone gifted me with this a few years ago, and I have to wonder if I injured that person somehow. It is a great read!  I know that I have the tendency to correct other people’s grammar.  Why should I not?  I care about words, how we say them, and what we mean when we say them.  We should be as exact as possible and mean what we say.

I come by this exactness honestly.  My paternal grandmother has a reputation for correcting even people she does not know when she overhears a grammar slip-up.  She and I commiserate about the state of the education system, the future of the English language, and the demise of the written word.  My mother also loved words.  She loved to write in her journal, to create prose, and to ensure that writing was correct.  She also enjoyed a “friendly” banter about the use of an adjective or an adverb in a sentence. I can credit most of grammar correctness to one or both of these women.  I made it through 8th grade English without ever having to “sign the book” (that’s another blog!) thanks to them.

So – from time to time, I might be grammatically judgmental, but mostly I like to say that I am helping others become aware. I truly feel strongly that using correct words is important.  There is a difference between here and hear.  In the same way, there, their, and they’re mean different things.  And of course, your and you’re mean different things.  When I see the wrong word written, it kind of hurts my brain.  And this just covers words.  Punctuation and grammar are important.

By the way, I do realize that some people try really hard but struggle with rules, that we all make mistakes, and that even I (*gasp*) fail in this from time to time.  However, I believe that – more often than not – we tend to be lazy when it comes to this.  In addition, more and more people simply think that grammar and punctuation lack importance. Texting, Facebook, and Twitter do not help us.

Last Tuesday, as I drove the boy and the girl to school, the boy somehow came across a need to correct the girl.  But the girl was not really in the mood to be corrected.  I declared, “It is no-correction Tuesday.  Let it go!”  Later that day, they reminded me of my declaration as I corrected them about something.  Last night at dinner, they reminded me that Tuesday is back.

So – today is Tuesday, and Non-Correction Tuesday Round 2 is here. The kids think we should celebrate this every week.  I am not sure that I have the fortitude to put up with too many mistakes on one day every week.  We shall see, though.

Readers: I would love the comment section to be filled with your pet-peeves.


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3 responses to “No-Correction Tuesday is Here

  1. Oh Good….then will you take off your glasses when you read different blog posts today??! That is a major hint! I love the idea of one day of no corrections – especially in the area of parenting. To have a child excitedly begin to tell us something only to stop them mid sentence with a correction is a huge communication block.


  2. Using texting abbreviations in regular writing drives me nuts-along with your and you’re mix ups! I probably shouldn’t think about this too long or I will come up with a list too long for the comment section.


  3. Bex

    I love this Stacy! My dad was the grammar police in our house. I am now the grammar police in ours much to the chagrin of my hubby and kids. I’m so glad I seen this post. I know of others who I might forward it to. Hopefully they will forward it to there friends. Your the best!

    P.S. You can correct me tomorrow 🙂


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