Happy Birthday to My Huz!

303267_695547282360_184905552_35595392_499482794_nToday is a great day because we celebrate the birthday of my huz!  Thanks to the flexibility that my job provides sometimes, I will have birthday lunch with him.  Tonight, we will dedicate the entire evening as a family to him as we have birthday dinner and then something “birthday”-ish.  The girl took him to dinner and a movie on Saturday night because she is cool like that.

Almost seventeen years ago, I said, “I do,” in front of many people at the front of Grace Baptist Church.  The same reasons that I had for saying that then remain today and are why we celebrate my huz on this anniversary of his birth. 

He is loyal, kind, serving, gracious, and an amazing thinker and communicator.  I cannot imagine being married to anyone else.  He has put up with my imperfections, my selfishness, and my Italian-ness (which, by the way, does not always play out well in Minnesota).  I am blessed because he blesses me.

More than just how he blesses me, though, I am moved to share today about how he blesses others. 

My huz is a hospitable man.  For the past several years, we have hosted the church family for a Super Bowl party.  He works hard for weeks beforehand putting together the menu, preparing the food, considering who will be here and what food intolerances they might have, and rearranging our house to fit the needs of a crowd that ranges from 50-80 people.  He has made gourmet pizzas, egg rolls of many flavors, fajita bowls, and more.

My huz is a great communicator of God’s word.  The view from the pastor’s wife’s perspective is rare, but I will share.  I know what time he awakes each morning, how seriously he prepares for not only Sunday mornings but each meeting, and where he spends his time each day.  In order to be able to communicate what he does so well, he reads and reads and reads some more.  He is dedicated to the original languages as well as to several translations in order to ensure that his congregation hears most clearly what God intended to share with His people.  This is a drive inside of him that pushes him to know more so that he can share more.

My huz has a deep desire that all will come to know that Jesus Christ died to save them from sin, free them from guilt, and allow them to have life everlasting.  I have the honor to sit in the front row of the church most Sunday mornings.  I see his emotions, hear the catches in his voices, and know when the tears will start to flow down his cheeks.  A young person sat behind me a few weeks ago and asked the adult sitting next to her why the pastor cries when he preaches.  The adult responded, “Because he believes this so strongly.”  It is so true.

Happy Birthday, huz!  You encourage me to be a better person, partner with me making me a better mother, and inspire me to share the love of Christ with others. 

May you be blessed as you bless others!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to My Huz!

  1. Give him a hug and a happy birthday from the Petersens… let him know we have not had to kill any sheep.


  2. What a tribute and honor to Kerry – I love this. Beautiful writing and sentiment!


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