Pray Today

The Super Bowl is a big day…for football, food, and sex.

Do a Google seach of “trafficking” and “Super Bowl.” Read the stats about thhe thousands of people in demand for sexual acts over this weekend.

Then pray.

Yes – enjoy the game. We will. Our entire church is invited to watch with us.

But pray.

Reference article: Marilyn Gardner’s post from yesterday about human trafficking and the Super Bowl (this woman has been one step ahead of me all week with topics. I think we are soul family members; we already are good friends though we have not seen each other in over ten years.)

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One response to “Pray Today

  1. I’m going to leave the article “But Mommy, I thought you told me bullied don’t win!” to you….What a great example for all our kids to see what has happened the last few days with the PP and Komen debacle. (sarcasm intended) Tears and a grovelling apology because of bullying is the bottom line. Especially with the increased awareness of bullying at the elementary and highschool levels.


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