Susan G. vs Planned Parenthood

Controversy apparently is calling to me this week!  On Wednesday, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a national fundraising and donating organization that promotes breast cancer awareness and research, announced that it would no longer partner with Planned Parenthood and provide funding to the organization.

My friend and blogger, Marilyn Gardner (who happens to be a nurse who works with breast cancer awareness and prevention), wrote an excellent response to the negative backlash that Susan G. Komen for the Cure has received.

Rather than write anything myself, I would simply like to share her thoughts with you.

A Logical Defense of Komen aka What’s the Fuss All About Anyway? by Marilyn Gardner

Reference article from the Huffington Post can be found by clicking here.

My thought numbero uno: If this whole thing heightens awareness for breast cancer, then I think that Susan G. has done something amazing by causing quite a stir in the media…and doesn’t that serve its purposes?  Twitter and Facebook were all buzzing with the new, and women are making appointments for breast cancer screenings.  Woohoo!

My thought numero dos: Do we know why they pulled funding?  Before anyone gets all “don’t make this political” and “this is all about abortion – not breast cancer,” read the facts.  Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for abusing government resources.  Of course, the headline makes it look like the Republicans are making a big stink.  Maybe they are – maybe for good reason!  Maybe Susan G. wants to make sure they are funding the right organization for the job with its grant.  I say that is fiscally responsible. Let’s be honest, if my church received government funding and was under investigation for the way it uses funds, there would be others hesitant about giving the church money until it was cleared.  Right?

I have already said more than I had planned, so now I will be quiet.

I will, however,  share Marilyn’s follow up post from Thursday:

So Where Do Low-Income Women Go for Breast Cancer Screening?

Soak it in; think it through.

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