Foodie Focus Group Fun


Last Saturday, the huz and I had the opportunity to participate in a focus group at Nonna Rosa’s in Robbinsdale, MN. We filled out some surveys, ate some yummy food, and chatted about Italian food.   The owner/manager – Tina (full name=Catarina) – had invited some peeps via their Facebook page.  Sharing my opinion seems to be a skill of mine!


Our table settings were beautiful.  Although mimosas were served to others, the huz and I chose to have a Roy Rogers and Rapsberry Crème Soda.

Digression: I was carded once for a Roy Rogers at a Mexican restaurant in Jamestown, ND.  True story.  One of the funniest dates ever with who is now the huz.


Owner Chef Francesco served up some yummy food. The huz had the privilege of peaking into the kitchen as Chef created some gelato.  Tina used a different name when she said what it was, but I cannot remember it right now.

Tina: if you read this, can you tell me what it is in the comment section?


Delicious dish numero uno (haha – Spanish!)


Delicious dish numero dos (mi favorito, btw)


Delicious dish numero tres


Although the average price of the regular menu items are in the $15-$25 range (the portion sizes are enough for two and more), the Happy Hour menu provides smaller portions for much lower costs.  Nonna’s also has a luncheon pasta bar that is very affordable.

I had a great time at the focus group, and it was great to try some potentially new menu items.  I think the best part (besides hanging with the huz for a couple of hours eating yummy food) was interacting with Tina and learning more about her passion for Italian food, family, the restaurant business, and community involvement.

Thanks, Tina!


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2 responses to “Foodie Focus Group Fun

  1. Thanks so much for participating! We really enjoyed listening to your opinions and we are so happy you could be apart of our “master plan” !


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