Café Latte–St Paul, MN

I realize that readers come from all over the nation (the world, actually) and that some of my blog posts about local food establishments may not be that exciting; however, the reason that I post them is to inspire others to find fun places to visit and to enjoy them with a critical eye for presentation, taste, and service.


Today’s post centers around a yummy little find I found last week en route from an appointment in St Paul to truancy court (for work, of course!) in Minneapolis.  The couple in a recent wedding the huz performed had gifted us with a gift card to Café Latte, and I decided it would be a great way to eat lunch between appointments.

I was right!


The view as I entered was very inviting!


The café has plenty of seating for the lunch crowd, fast cafeteria-style service on one side with soup, sandwiches, and salads…



…a dessert and bread counter on a second side…


and a made-to-order pizza counter (with wine) on the third side – the kitchen makes up the fourth side.  I loved the lay-out of this café!


While the beverage choices were great, the down-side of this café is that it lacked Coca-Cola in a can.  That was honestly the only down-side – one I can definitely abide.

I chose two soups – a chicken curry and a cheesy tomato bisque with bacon.  They were incredible – wonderful texture, delicious taste, and a perfect balance of ingredients.

Will I go back?

Yes, please!

Happy Wednesday!

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