Things That Make Me Raise My Eyebrows

I am not shocked by much, but I am always just a little surprised by some things.  These things make me do a double-take, raise my eyebrows, and wonder, “what in the world?”

I have been taking pictures of some of these things lately because I thought “the world” should know what makes my eyebrows go up in surprise.  This is the first installment of this type of blog.  When I collect some more, I share again.  For today – I hope they bring smiles to readers faces as much as they have to mine.


The above picture is from a trash bin located in the CVS women’s bathroom.  Why would we need to be told not to put confidential trash in this trash bin?  Hmmm…



I took the above pictures at the Wells Fargo in Northeast Minneapolis.  My teller provided dum-dums to her customers, and some dum-dum has left his (or her) trash in the brochure bin…when there was a trash bin very nearby.  Why?  Hmmm…


WiFi in my grocery store?  Why? Because it makes life easier? Hmm…

Happy Sunday!  May it be filled with things that make your eyebrows raise!

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One response to “Things That Make Me Raise My Eyebrows

  1. I should take pictures of all the things in Africa that make my eyebrows raise. While driving we passed the “Boyz II Men” Barber shop – I was too slow to get a picture. Enjoy your Sunday!


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