Making a 5k Playlist

IMG-20120124-00139Last night, I “hit the pavement” in a way that I did not realize I could. Yesterday had its fill of phone calls, odd conversations, and – let’s face it – frustrations.  I work with humans, I am human, and it seems that frustration follows wherever humans go.  Poor God.  I wonder if He knew this when He created us.

Of course, He did.  And, again, I digress…

I did this awesome program of 30 minutes – twice.  I was so excited that I completed a 5k in 52 minutes (3.75 miles in 60 minutes)…great fun!  I did pay attention to see if the twenty minute theory that I discussed in a blog post last week; it works. There is no doubt.  Get over the first twenty minutes, and I think I could walk for six miles.

About half-way through the first set, I started paying attention to my music and making my music choices based on the pace that I needed it to support.

And that is when the “ah-ha” happened!

The key to a good workout could be ensuring that the sounds around me support that.  I could watch TV to distract me, but I do not actually like a lot of TV shows.  And just TV alone would sort of bore me.  But – “The Biggest Loser” or some show about pawn shops (yes – both of them…on different TVs) are tolerable as long as I have good playlist.

I thought I would share last night’s playlist.

  1. Viva la Vidaby Coldplay
  2. Bostonby Augustana
  3. I. Love. You
  4. Song from the “August Rush” Soundtrack
  5. Barton Hollowby the Civil Wars
  6. From This Valleyby the Civil Wars
  7. We Didn’t Start the Fireby Billy Joel
  8. Hallelujahby Leonard Cohen
  9. Beautiful Wreckby Shawn Mullins
  10. Alicefrom the Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) Soundtrack
  11. Almost Loverby A Fine Frenzy
  12. The Little Thingsby Colby Caillat
  13. Downeaster “Alexa” by Billy Joel

And that is how you do a 5k in 52 minutes.

Note: I know that 52 minutes is nearly laughable; however, I figure that it is not too bad for walking.  I also figure that it is pretty good that I am doing any form of exercise and that it does not matter how long it takes to finish a 5k…the point is I finished a 5k!

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