I Resolve…

It is now 11 days into the new year.

IMG-20120110-00096Many resolutions have been made – most about better health – and just as many have already gone by the wayside. Facebook and Twitter were full of stuff about resolutions being made, about the impacts of “new resolutioners” at the gyms, and about resolutions being broken.  Friends have blog posts about resolutions, and I have read them. I even had a post about resolutions titled “Fresh Start – Again.”  It is a great think to think about – the new year, resolutions, and changes.

As the first few weeks of the new year have brought our resolutions down to reality, we start to wonder what we did.  Why did we make this decision? What was this all about? And how will we ever follow through on them?  Rather than share some lofty ideas with readers, I would prefer to share the my various findings of the term “resolve” and then a couple of blogs that I have found encouraging as I shape the resolutions I have made into the more realistic thinks I would like to call life.

When I looked up the meaning of “resolve” in the dictionary, I found a whole bunch of meanings.  The parts of speech are interesting alone!!

Fourteen of the meanings are transitive verbs. This means that the subject of the sentence acts when the term resolve occurs.  I resolve could also mean I make a firm decision about this, I cause this, I decide this, I change this, or I remove something.  In each of these cases, the subject of the sentence ( I ) acts.  I resolve.  I act in this way.  I do something.

Three of the meanings are intransitive verbs. This means that the subject of the sentence is acted up on by some other force – the resolution.  In music, for example, the piece undergoes a resolution.  In cooking, the ingredients are resolved (separated).  In this case the resolving happens to the subject rather than the subject acting (resolving).

Three meanings of the word resolve are nouns – person, place, thing, or idea.  I have made a resolution.  It is a noun in the sentence.  The definitions include a firmness of purpose, a decision, and a formal decision to act by a legislative or deliberative body (such as Congress).

My cuz-in-love, Elise, is a fashion queen, small business owner, artist, and sweet spirit.  She is witty, encouraging, and has a great sense of humor.  She is married to a man who shares many of those qualities and is a dear friend as well as cousin.  Her blog post yesterday – “Little Resolutions” –  was divine intervention for me, and I think readers would love her ideas.

My friend, Cindy, is a deep reader of the Bible.  She challenges all around her to see things the way God would want us to see them.  Her blog posts, though infrequent, are inspiring.  Her most recent post –  “One Word” – has kept me thinking since reading it and has truly allowed me to sense where my resolutions fit into this philosophy.

My friend, Marilyn, is the one whose blog posts in 2011 spurred me into blogging myself.  Yes – you can blame her. Smile  Her posts on Jan 1 – “I’ll Miss It or Good Riddance” – and Jan 2  – “2012 – It’s All About the Interpreter” – were visionary posts for me.  Marilyn’s method of drawing me in as a reader and then lighting off a zinger that goes straight to the heart is one that I would like to replicate but doubt that I can master.

So far, I have failed at many of my resolutions. Behavior change is hard!  I think, though, that it comes from a couple of things.

  1. The first is that I have made these before without much success, so I just make them again because I should. They are not about the simple things like loving my family or giving thanks.  They are about me.
  2. The second reason is because I have not seen the resolution-making process one of deliberative choice to act.  I have expected that they will passively come about without any real choice on my part.
  3. And the final reason is because I have not asked God to join me in being the Interpreter of my choices, my words, and my actions.  For that matter, I have not even asked Him to give me the strength to do these things even though I am quite sure that He would like me to succeed in each of the choices – for His glory, not mine.

How are readers doing with their resolutions? What is the most helpful to you?

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One response to “I Resolve…

  1. heidi

    This year I “resolved” in smaller increments. Instead of giving up all liquid calories forever, I started with drinking just water for one month. I also enlisted the help of my 2 best friends (we are doing Weight Watchers online together. One of them calls me every night after supper to encourage both of us to make good choices and to not eat after 7.) I also have my girls involved in making healthy choices. They are the first ones to say something if I pick up something that is not a healthy choice.
    I appreciate your reminder,though, about asking for God’s guidance and strength in making lifestyle changes. I need to do that, because inevitably i will run out of my own strength.
    A big success on the scale on week one certainly helped me be motivated in week two. I realize that will taper off and real life will intrude on my good intentions.
    Here’s to making a Revolution with our Resolutions!


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