Getting a Manicure? Kids Stay Home!

226574_657813815530_184905552_35170459_7469742_nI love to get manicures! This has not always been the case, but it has been true now for the past couple of years.  I used to have a nasty habit of biting the skin around my nails or picking at them. It was gross and extremely unattractive. My first psychiatrist attributed some of the impulse to do this horrible habit to the bipolar in me. Being medicated for bipolar now helps with the impulses.  Around the same time as my bipolar diagnosis a few years ago, I also started getting manicures. I had gone to get one on a whim for a wedding that the pastor huz performed, and I found that I did not destroy my fingers when they were nicely painted with toxic polish.  I now get manicures monthly more or less, and I enjoy my time at the nail shop.  It is a good break from the normal routine that does not include pampering myself very often.

I also need to publically apologize to my friend Kris; I used to give her quite a ribbing about her nails.

Last night I went to get my nails done at my favorite nail shop – Golden Nails in Brooklyn Center, MN.  I like this shop because the employees talk to the customers more than to each other, they do a great job, and their prices rock for what I like to have done.  I do not have fake nails; I just get a simple manicure – sometimes French and sometimes with a design on it.  Last night I opted for silver polish with a fun design in black and silver glitter on just my thumb nails.  The pastor huz is performing another wedding on Saturday, but I have not decided what to wear. It is only two days away – what is the rush?

As I waited for my nail designer to call me back to her spot, I read the rules of the shop.  Most are straight-forward, many include aspects from health code (no food at the stations), and none are unreasonable.  Rule #6 states that children need to be closely supervised, cannot run around the shop, and should not disturb the work of the shop.  This rule is not strong enough!  There should be a rule against any children being in the shop unless they are paying customers!!

I go to the nail shop to relax. I take this time out of my day to step away from the normal pace of life.  I want to be pampered, and I am willing to pay the price for that.  I also really like my nail shop, so I do not want to change nail shops.  My guess is that the nail shops that prohibit children’s presence cost much more than what I pay.

However, I do not want to listen to kids yelling at their moms from the reception area because one sibling hit another sibling.  I do not want to listen to the three year whine and throw a temper tantrum. I do not think it is fair to the employees either.  We expect three year old temper tantrums at the pediatrician’s office, and the reception knew what she was getting into when she accepted the job. I do not think that the kids should be there at all.  I put up with this in grocery store, and I have had my own kids exhibit bad behavior in the grocery store.  But we all need groceries. We do not all need manicures.

This seems like common sense to me!

When my children were too young to leave at home alone, I did not consider taking them with me to have my hair done, have my nails done, or have my lip waxed (yes – I wax my lip, but I have not always!).  All of those places seem like luxury moments; I would not have wanted my own children along, and most of the time they were much more well-behaved than the beasts I encountered last night at the nail shop. And when they did misbehave, we dealt with them…moms getting their nails done cannot deal with the screaming kid.  Imagine the picture in your head for a minute and then ask yourself, “Is this effective parenting?”

When my kids were too young to leave at home alone, I arranged for my huz to stay with them or to have a friend watch them if I even dabbled in these luxuries at all.  When they were that young, I had long hair that required little attention and did not have my nails done (diapers and awesome nails seem a bit weird to me).

Am I completely out of line for thinking this way?  I do not think so (obviously), but I am willing to hear other thoughts about it. There may be very compelling reasons that this practice is ok; I just have yet to think of what those reasons could be.

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