Christmas in the Parsonage

We had a great day yesterday as we celebrated Christmas with just the four of us.

First thing in the morning – stocking stuffers which included items that each person would really love; the boy loves graphic t-shirts.  I do not obey very well.  My favorite part of my stocking stuffer was the Scottish shortbread cookies.  I did share!

Breakfast was next: croissant French toast with bacon (Hackenmueller’s, of course!).

The boy then read us the Christmas story…it was good to pause and remember the reason for the season.  As we continue to reflect tomorrow at our church service, I will remain inspired by my children and their dedication to celebration and remembrance.

Presents were next!  My gift = my favorite board game: Smallworld.  The huz’s gift = an expansion pack for the same game.  The girl bought an expansion pack that we had never used before (we usually borrow the game from friends) for the boy which added elements to the game that we discovered that we love as we played the game twice.  The huz won the first round.  We played again later in the day, and I smoked the family with my Imperial Skeletons.  The game is fabulous!  Some may object to some of the fantasy characters, but I love the game overall.

The board game – Quelf – was next on the day’s agenda.  The boy agreed to let me post a video of one of his turns.  The game is a lot of fun – especially for groups with a bunch of people in varying age groups.  Unfortunately, the size of the file would upload into this format.  Oh well!

Dinner: homemade lasagna with little meatballs.  YUM!

We ended the evening with a family movie night.

GREAT day!


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2 responses to “Christmas in the Parsonage

  1. Marie Wige Petersen

    Merry Christmas to all of you!


  2. Julie

    Quelf! What a great game, my family and I “Quelf it up!” when we need to liven things up. I once wore a cooking kettle on my head for part of the game, I am not sure why, but we still laugh about it.


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