Cooking Fail

When I called home to my husband on my way home from work last night to inquire about dinner plans, he said that there were leftovers in the fridge.  He had a meeting, so the kids and I should plan to eat what was there.  We needed to clean out the fridge, but what neither of us realized was that most of the leftovers were no longer there.

The kids and I heated up what was left, but I was left wanting more.  I had been hungry all day for taco meat, so I looked up a recipe online and set out to make the meat.  After following the directions and adding the seasonings, I tasted the meat.  It seemed to be a bit bland.  I added some more seasoning and tasted it.  Still bland.  I added the rest of the seasonings that I had had mix per the recipe and tasted the meat.  It was no longer bland.  It was burning.  But I like it a bit.  I thought maybe it would taste better…and be like a chili…if I added a can of stewed tomatoes. So I did, and then I tasted it.  It was better, but honestly – not great. 

I really do not know why I try to cook.  Nine out of ten attempts at cooking result in a failure.  I would have been better off it I had let my daughter cook.  She is a great cook as she likes to do it and has spent hours in the kitchen with my huz.  He makes great food, and he likes to cook.  I make horrible food, and I am not fond of cooking.  I really should leave this to the experts.

We all have things at which we are good and things that we like to do.  We also have things that we do not like to do or at which we are not good.  I am uninterested in cooking, cleaning, and gardening.  I am also not great at any of these things.  I am good at some things that I do not enjoy, but I think I like them better than the things that I am not good at.  However, the things that we enjoy and that we can do successfully seem to be where get the most satisfaction.

I will stick to finding truant students and leave the cooking to the ones in the house who are good at it.  Then we will all be happy with good food in our stomachs and happiness in our hearts.

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