Pushing My Buttons

A friend shared this picture on his Facebook wall on Wednesday.  I immediately saved it to my desktop, opened a new post on my blog, and inserted the picture here.  I could not lose the picture or the thought that it would make a great blog post.

I usually write about 500 words, but my plan is to just post it all by itself with just some questions:

1.  What do you think of this picture?

2.  How many buttons do you have?

3.  What are your buttons?

4.  Who pushes your buttons the most?


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2 responses to “Pushing My Buttons

  1. My husband and I both have the bottom panel. I think it is VERY simplistic to say that men only have one button. That’s crazy!


  2. Heidi

    I pretty much have to agree with the picture. I would say that my hubby has one other button that has to do with feeling in control. However…there could probably be a few MORE buttons on my console! Although I profess to be generally happy and content, when I examine my attitudes I think it would be safe to say that I resemble this picture!


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