I Want to Be Famous!

I am giddy.

I know that I should not be this excited about something so little.  Really.

Yesterday morning I checked Facebook, and a friend/co-worker had shared a link with me.  The Fargo Forum, a newspaper based in Fargo, ND, is on the hunt for some bloggers who wrote about women’s interests.  I thought, “I’m a woman.  I could do that!”

I sent off the email below:


I am very interested in blogging for The Forum.
I have an active daily blog that basically is a mind dump and sharing of my own life in addition to issues that I see as important in the world.
The links to some posts that have had quite a bit of traffic are below:
What would the next step be in this conversation?
I thought it was a great start!  And the person who replied to me must have thought so too!  This afternoon at 2:12 (over 24 hours since I had sent the inquiring email), I received an email with instructions about how to do this.  I will most likely just move my blog over to their site as there are more bells and whistles provided to me there.  I think that I will pop over here and share the link, but eventually I would consider shutting this site down and only have one site.
Will you follow me?  I really want to know….
So that is all of the good news of the day.
The downside has been that the set up of the new blog has been less quick and easy than I  had hoped.  I registered and then waited for the confirmation email.  It still has not come.  I sent a request for support the provided email address a few seconds ago, but I have not heard back in the past few seconds.  How can they do this to me?  I am soooooooo excited.
And now in these few seconds as I type this, I realize something.  I want to be famous.  I want to have a million hits a month.  I want people to read what I have to say.  I want them to comment on it.  I want them to repost and retweet and share that they love what I have to say.  I want validation that my thoughts resonate with other people’s thoughts.  I want people to say, “Wow, do you know what I read on Stacy Bender’s blog today?”
This is a little sick.
I started this blog as a way to dump my thoughts, as a way to tame the racing mind, and as a way to practice doing something that I thought I might like to do.  That was all.  Nothing more.
But the more I do it, the more I like it.  The more I write, the more I want to write.  I want to sit down and just write and write and write.  This does have the potential to be a great thing someday.  Whenever someone asks me, “If you could be doing something you are not, what would it be?”  I answer write.  But I never thought that other people would actually read it.  I mean…I thought that would read my blog when I asked them to, but I never thought that people would keep reading it.  I never thought that people whom I have never met would start reading my blog because of some tags.  And I never thought those people would become followers. And I really, really never thought that someone from something more than the “simple” WordPress world would think that I should continue blogging, that I possibly have something to say to a larger audience, and that I should email that person when I’m fully set up so that person could “keep the blog on [their] radar.”  Please, pinch me.
And now that all of that has happened and someone has said that I should change venues and write for a broader audience, I really want to do that.  And I want to see where this takes me…
Is that wrong?
ps: This is the photo for my avatar on the new site – see, I have lost my mind!


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3 responses to “I Want to Be Famous!

  1. I’m excited for you! I want to comment on most of your blogs but I didn’t want to be a pest. I hope you do have a million followers and I can say that I was one of your first 20:) We all want to rub shoulders with someone famous.


  2. Erika Riecken

    It’s not wrong. Everyone needs some validation from time to time. I’m excited for you! Who knows where this may lead you, but we serve an awesome God and it will be an interesting journey.


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