Turkey Day 5K?

Earlier this year, I purposed to become more active.  I joined Snap Fitness, bought new sneakers (not running shoes…), and signed up for my first 5K on August 20 when my school hosted a 5K as part of its marketing day.  I walked that first 5K in about 55 minutes, and my walking partner had a five year old in a stroller.  I was happy with that time for the first outing.

For the next 10 days, I was very pumped about signing up for another 5K.  I even mentioned to a co-worker who runs quite frequently (he brings his shoes to work just in case he wants to take a run in the middle of the day) that I thought one a month would be great fun.  He gave me that knowing look that I get from true running enthusiasts a lot who realize that I am not a true runner…I just like the idea of it.  I looked on the major Minnesota race website: http://www.raceberryjam.com/, and I even made a few inquiries into some of them.  I wanted to know if the tshirts were short or long sleeved and the colors.  I realize that other people choose 5Ks based on the location (Lake Nokomis is a beautiful location!), but I am really into the tshirt.  I want to wear that tshirt proudly post finish, and if it is going to be an ugly color, I might want to invest my 5K registration dollars into one with a better tshirt.

That all changed on the Thursday before Labor Day.

I woke up on the Thursday before Labor Day and could not hold myself up.  My back and legs were not supportive, and my back hurt horribly.  I could not sit.  I could not stand.  I could not lie down.  I could hardly walk.  I could not go from sitting to stand without screaming out loud.  Kerry and I had to leave the next day to go to camp, and I could hardly walk…how was I going to sleep on camp beds?  I went to the doctor who recommended that I go to the chiropractor, but she also gave me some pain killers for the camp trip.

Long story short – two months (and several pain killers) later, I had a shot of cortisone, and I am doing much better.  I think it is time to get back on the 5K bandwagon slowly but surely.

The sad part about all of this is that today is Thanksgiving.  Today is the Turkey Day 5K – one of the races that I had thought would be great to attempt.  Let’s be honest, the tshirt must rock!  I did not sign up for the event.  In fact, as the event unfolded, I was driving toward Aberdeen, SD, to celebrate the holiday with my in-loves (they are not in-laws…I love my husband, so those attached to him are the “in-loves”).  While this is disappointing, Auntie Violet’s smoked turkey legs are a good consolation for me.  Food galore awaits even though I did not complete a 5K and earn any right to consume large amounts of it.

Perhaps Turkey Day 2012 will be different.  Who’s in?

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  1. Not me….I don’t like to run but I can be your cheerleader!! Gooooo Stacy!


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