My Computer is Nuts

My computer has caught a cold. It basically types whatever it wants. Like a willful toddler, it does the opposite of what it is told. I try to type “with,” but it type lptus. What in the world?!?!

I took it to the computer doctor, and – like that sick toddler would – it no longer had symptoms! I remember taking my son to the doctor when he was little. He had been up all night screaming about his ears being in pain. When the doctor came in to the room, my son suddenly was fine. He smiled at the doctor and answered her questions. My computer basically did the same thing! It turned out the my son had an ear infection; the tech guy, however, could not find anything wrong with my computer.

This type of thing can make me crazy. All I wanted to do today was write my bog (thank goodness for my smartphone!), but, when the computer does what it wants, my productivity is completely impaired.

Although technology is great, there are times when it is a real nuisance. Today is one of those days. Rather than bemoaning the fact that my blog will not be as lengthy or as appealing to readers, I will take the time I have gained and do something great with it….something that does not require my computer…now what would that be?

Is there anything left in my life that is not touched by technology?

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