I love adventure.

I was born in the Phillippines because my biological father was in the Air Force and was stationed there.  My mom had joined him on base…and, well, I was the result of them spending some time together as married people.  I flew for the first time when my family returned to the United States before the age of one.  I blame my late night nature on the fact that I was born in a time zone that is completely flip-flopped from the time zone in which I live now.

After my parents divorced, flights from North Dakota to the east coast became a part of my annual ritual. Once on the east coast, adventure continued as family members introduced my brother and me to Boston, Plymouth Rock, New York City, whaling towns in Connecticut, and – of course – the Rhode Island beaches.  By the way, there is nothing more wonderful for a soul than some time at a Rhode Island coastal spot.

One of my favorite spots in the world will always be Beavertail Lighthouse.  One of my aunts has a specifically adventurous spirit.   She happened to be the youngest and unmarried while I grew up.  She used to take us to see the sunrise at Beavertail Lighthouse, breakfast at a place called Stacy’s, and then fun climbing on the rocks along the coast.  I return to this place whenever I am east because just breathing in the air calms my spirit, reminds me of younger times, and starts my heart pumping with the excitement of adventure.

As soon as I passed my North Dakota licensing requirements, road trips became part of my life.  First, to exotic placed like Fargo – an hour away from home.  Later, to Crystal Springs Baptist Camp.  Eventually, after my freshman year in college, my parents agreed to let Marc and I road trip to Rhode Island.  My own children are only 3 years from the age I was…wow!  How did my parents say “yes” to that??  The only dicey part of the trip was when I had to cross four lanes of traffic in the heart of Chicago because the exit was on the opposite side of the road than it was.  On our way home, we drove through the night to Cedar Point, OH, and spent the day riding roller coasters.  People thought we were crazy!  We had not slept the night before, and we crashed in a motel room by 8 p.m. that night before heading back on the road the next morning.  It was so fun!  Probably the best memory we have together as siblings.

Road trips, flights across the nation and around the world, and adventure are part of my spirit.

Yesterday, I did something new, courageous, and fun.  I took the Megabus!  I am presenting at a conference in Indianapolis, IN, on Thursday (conference starts Wednesday night), and I really wanted to see the Civil Wars‘ show…on Wednesday in Minneapolis.  Then I looked more closely at their tour schedule and discovered that they were in concert in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.  Perfect!  Milwaukee is on the way to Indiana, right?

My workplace pays for approved conferences and the travel involved in them, but stopping in Milwaukee created an extra expense in my travel plans.  A stop overnight on flights, even though they fly right through Milwaukee, added significant cost to my trip. And that cost would be handed down to me.  I started to brainstorm how this would work best.  Driving myself the whole way did cross my mind…several times.  I love to drive.  When I was making my arrangements, I did not know that I would have a herniated disc in my back.  Driving myself across the land would not have been a wise decision.  Three hours if sitting in the same position has been about all I can handle lately.

The Megabus experience has proven itself worthy.  If you buy your ticket on the right day for the right day and time, you can find amazing deals.  I rode for $1 plus 50cent booking fee.  This is downright thievery!  My gas to Milwaukee would have easily been at least $60 round trip…and one needs to take a roundtrip otherwise how does the car get home?  The downside of this Megabus thing is that one cannot book a trip across the country easily.  The set up of the Megabus system consists of several hubs with spokes out from the hubs.  If I want to get from Minneapolis to Boston (which I do sometime!!!), I have to travel from hub to hub (Minneapois – Chicago – Columbus – Pittsburgh – New York City – Boston).  And each trip – each way!! – requires a different transaction and a lot of praying that all goes through well.  IF all would go through well, though, AND IF I could get seats for $1 on all of the trips each direction, I could travel roundtrip to Boston for under $20.

That is amazing!

Adventure comes in many forms.  For me, a little business trip splashed with a stop to see the Civil Wars means that my adventurous spirit has been fed!

Thank goodness, too, because it was time.

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