My Wedding Ring is not an Accessory

On the way to church today, I realized that I had “no” jewelry on.  This was in part because I left all of my jewelry at the Happy Host Inn last week at the end of the wedding weekend.  I left most of my shoes, all of my toiletries, and most of my jewelry.  Honestly – with all four of us loading the two cars that we had in Grand Forks for the wedding, it is amazing that we did not leave more items there. Rick mailed me my shoes and toiletries, but I really did not want to chance losing the pearl set that Kerry gave me as a wedding present.  Because of that, I have no earrings and no necklaces.  As we walked to church this morning, I noticed how bare my earlobes and my neck felt.  I rarely take off my earrings, and I almost always wear a necklace to church.  It just felt strange!

I commented to Kerry and Beth about how I was not wearing any jewelry, and Beth responded by saying, “You have your wedding ring on.”  She was right, but I do not see my wedding ring as an accessory! Without missing much of a beat, I quickly retorted that my wedding ring is not an accessory…it is just part of who I am.

Over sixteen years ago, Kerry and I exchanged rings as a token and pledge of our willingness, with God’s help, to stick together through think and thin.  In those sixteen years, we have had our share of ups and downs, things that have threatened to tear us apart, and times when we asked ourselves what we had gotten into when we said, “I do.”

I currently cannot remove my wedding ring as the increase of weight over the past few years has trapped the ring onto my finger.  I cannot remember the last time that I removed the ring.  On Friday, I had an MRI and worried that they may want me to remove it.  Fortunately, I did not have to do so.

Whether I could remove it or not, though, I would not want to do so.  The ring on my finger identifies me as the wife of Kerry L. Bender. That is who I am and who I intend to be…for better or for worse…’til death do us part.

My wedding ring is not an accessory; it is part of me.

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