Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

I love my husband and his support of my blog.  I have to thank him for this blog post’s content because of his commitment to me and to reading CNN online.  Without those commitments, this blog post would not be possible.

Any time the word “inappropriate” is used in a title, we naturally assume racy pictures, bad language, or other things that I should probably not blog about.  But the inappropriate that I am about to discuss has nothing to do with sexually inappropriate concepts or bad language.  In fact, in our current culture, I think that I have become rather less concerned about those things (though they are still an issue).  What I am becoming more and more concerned about is the way that we mock certain issues due to our lack of understanding about physical and emotional issues that others (or ourselves) have.

The blog post that Kerry emailed me was titled, “Sexy Anorexia Halloween Costume Controversy.”  The article discusses a Halloween costume titled ‘Anna Rexia.’  The costume itself resembles the ‘naughty nurse’ costumes that seem to plague the costume aisles at Target and Wal-Mart; however, this one crosses a different line for me.  Mental health is not something that we should mock – especially not in a Halloween costume.  By the way…today is World Mental Health Day.

While we expect school-aged children to make fun of others, we still educate them and attempt to stop the mocking behavior.  Often their making fun of others stems from a lack of understanding of the issue with which another child deals.  Students who trip the student with cerebral palsy in the hallway usually need to be educated about the physical struggles caused by the disease rather than punished.  This typically changes the behavior.  If it does not change behavior, then consequences should follow.

I am not concerned about the children in our culture as much as I am concerned about the adults in our culture.  This concern that I have only is validated by this Halloween costume.  As adults, we also have these same tendencies of mocking that which we do not understand.  The problem with this, however, is that adults shape culture. Adults are the creators of these Halloween costumes.  Adults are the ones who are now responsible for perpetuating insensitive behavior that should be educated and then punished in school aged children.

I am outraged, and I am glad to have a blog on which I can share my outrage.  By the way, the costume came out in 2007, but enough people complained about it that the manufacturer stopped making it.  I am sure you could buy it on ebay, though.

What is next?  Major Depression?  Bipolar?


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