Blogging at 10:10 p.m.

This is a bad blog post. Sorry, Becky…

The past two weeks have knocked me off of my socks. Actually, if I think about it too much, the beginning of the school year has been rough.

I have never started a school year in this position as a dean of students in charge of attendance. This is hard…

The curriculum company that supplies the curriculum for my school had a major upset with a new student information system. This is sooooo not fun…..

We were given permission to hire two additional staff members in my department. We offered the job to two people, one accepted, but one turned us down. The district then had a hiring freeze. More long story here…the good news is that the new hire is awesome. The bad news is that I still would like one more person….

About 10 days ago, one of the secretarial staff who supports my team reigned so that she could pursue other options. Her timing was awful. Her last day was the Thursday before her colleague got married. Thankfully, support staff member two (who got married) put a week of work between her wedding and her honeymoon. The great part about this is that she has been able to train the other person’s replacement.

The awesome news is that my school has leased more office space…I get an awesome office with a door to close while I have those hard conversations with people. It also has a window that overlooks a “plaza” and then Nicolett Island.

The question I ask myself once a week or so is, “Do I like this job?”

The answer is a loud YES!

I have made it to every cross country race that Siah has run this year…at least by the time he has crossed the finish line. My boss supports me being at opening night of Beth’s play even though it conflicts with a work conference.

I love my job because it allows for balance in my life. Sure – it takes time….what job doesn’t? But it rocks more than any job I have had so far since we have returned from Scotland.

And that is what is on my mind at 10:39 p.m. on Thursday night….I guess this isn’t such a bad post.


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