I had a long work day.

It started with a 7:15 a.m. departure for court in the awesome town of Red Wing. I love court appearances, and I love Red Wing. Unfortunately, today I only had time for the court appearance. As I drove out of Red Wing, I did consider squeezing a bit of toothpaste from the day and enjoying a walk in the downtown area. But common sense kicked in…

Boo for common sense.

I headed in to the office where I bounced from meeting to meeting for a few hours before I finally plugged in my laptop and got some work done. Work = sending emails. A few hours later I packed up the laptop, picked up Beth, and headed home.

I cooked dinner for the family.

After dinner I set up the laptop for the evening round of blogging and Facebook. As I repeated my ritual of setting up my “space” at one end of the dining room table, I realized that I had left my computer cord at the office.

How inconvenient!

As a friend stated las night, this is a “first world” inconvenience. How sad that this is true. Along with Caribou being out of a favorite flavor, my car needing an oil change, or my favorite pair of jeans needing to be washed, this is not an issue that truly threatens my well-being.

Time to shut up and deal.

Fortunately for tonight, though, one first world problem (no cord) has an answer for the “need to blog” catastrophe. Thanks to a software developer for Blackberry, I can blog on my phone.

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