Under Constant Construction

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Every day when I drive Beth to school, I pass a construction site in what used to be Brookdale Mall.   The other day on my way to and from an appointment, I passed a major construction upheaval of an intersection.  For the past few weeks as I have driven through construction on the highways, through the city, and on county roads, I have given a great deal of thought about construction and how it is a perfect metaphor for our lives.

Construction is messy.  Ask anyone who drives pretty much anywhere in the summer, and that person would tell you that construction is messy.  Ask anyone who works in construction (or their spouse!), and the would tell you that construction is messy.

Our lives are messy.  People get sick.  People lose their jobs.  People are people. Life is life.  We make mistakes.  We hurt each other.  We get covered in the dirt that is life, and it can take an awful lot of cleaning to get rid of the yuckiness (I think I just created that word!) that comes with life.

Construction is inconvenient.  It takes a lot more time to get through a construction zone.  Wal-Mart isn’t open because it isn’t ready yet.  We have to slow down in a construction zone.  We have to watch out for workers so that we do not hurt them.

Our lives have inconvenient times.  Other people’s lives get in our way.  We have to “slow down” from time to time.  We have to watch out for other people.  Other people’s inconveniences become our conveniences.

Construction has a purpose.  The Brookdale Mall was destroyed so that something better could replace it.  The roads and bridges that are “under construction” need to be replaced or repaired in order for them to be safer or faster.  Even though construction can be stalled due to funding or government shut-downs, it usually gets going again because it has a reason.

Our lives have purpose.  My huz preached a fabulous sermon (click on “fabulous sermon” to go to a list of his sermons) about the fact that we are all called to several purposes.  Siah listed them on his Facebook status, and you can read more on my post from Sunday.  I think so often we feel like we are construction zones that are not for a purpose.  We can even think that our lives are falling apart or being hit by wrecking balls, and every hit feels like it does not make any sense.  But our lives have purpose; there is no doubt.  Despair.com, a website that has demotivational posters, says that, “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”  While we may feel that way at times, we have purpose.  The Bible tells me so.

The more construction I undergo, the more I grow.  The next time I drive through a construction site, I think that I will thank God that He is the project manager of my life and that I have purposes that He designed me uniquely to complete. This is very comforting when I look at a wrecking ball headed toward me in some metaphorical form.

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  1. Great post and analogy. We are, currently, very much under construction with some changes coming. Having gone through many changes, arguably more than most people, in life it’s tough. Thanks for this reminder of the need to have confidence in the “project manager!”


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