Church Clothes or Work Clothes?

Josiah took the picture to the left this morning after church.  We had hosted a “newcomers luncheon” in the basement and had just finished cleaning up afterward.  To his credit, Josiah had done quite a bit of the dishes.  He is such a good boy!

I thought that the picture would be great to have around, and then I thought, “Oooo…I could blog about this!”  It makes perfect sense that I would as the sermon today was the reason behind Kerry’s unusual attire, and his sermon was FAB-U-LOUS! By the way, Kerry’s sermons can always be found online within a few days afterward at Because Beth and I had a shower to attend last weekend and made a full weekend out of it, I missed the sermon from last week…I still need to listen to it because word on the Faith Baptist street was that the sermon was great.  It’s hard for me, the true critic, to imagine that it was anything but that…as critical I try to be, I struggle each week because my husband’s ability to communicate the Word of God in a way that is passionate, compassionate, humble, understandable, and compelling awes me each week.

My son summed up the sermon well on his Facebook status:

[We are all] called to…

  • Rule.
  • Bear the image of God.
  • Be a blessing.
  • … Teach.
  • Proclaim.
  • Be a humble agent of change.
  • Love.
  • Be a doer of good.
  • Serve.

The sermon’s introduction – the first eight points – provided a full meal before Kerry landed on the main text, Acts 6:1-7, where the church at the time chose seven men to serve and to care for the people.  Verse 7 testifies to the fact that, when we serve, the church grows.  So interesting to me!  I had never thought about what it is that draws us in to some churches and what it is that turns us away from others.  The churches that I have attended over the years have been serving churches, but it did not occur to me that this was true until now.  The churches that grow tend to be those that focus on caring for those who attend and for others who live in the neighborhood or with whom we work, play, and live.  When we serve each other, we want to be together.  When we serve our neighbors or co-workers, they want to be with us…and they want to know why we serve them.  This is when we can share the Gospel with others.

Kerry wore the clothing that is pictured above as an illustration of what this looks like.  Ripped jeans, a paint covered shirt, and worn out work boots are work clothes.  He talked about how we often dress for church in clothes that are better than work clothes.  He shared about being on the farm and having distinct church clothes that differed immensely from his work clothes.  He then challenged us that work clothes are church clothes.  The clothes that we wear that allow us to get dirty, do work, and serve are our church clothes!

Basically…just what I needed to hear today…thanks, awesome huz!

Note: in order to get this post to look right, I had to use some critical thinking skills along with a very limited html knowledge.  Woot!  I feel so smart.  🙂  Now if I could just figure out how to post to Facebook.  I swear that Facebook and I are going to be at odds for the rest of its life (I plan to out live the whole social network phase).

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