Oh, Snap!

Life is jam-packed full of demands.  Not all of them are bad, and I am sure not all of them are good.  When I woke up this morning, my body demanded a little movement to get it going for the day.  Although I did not listen right away, I did finally make my way to the treadmill at Snap Fitness.

I have to go every day that is left in Septembers so that I earn my gold star…or save my $20.  🙂

The thing is this:  once I am there and hiking along at three miles per hour (what I found is my natural step without the dog along), I am happy to be there and dread the end of the workout.

What is it about going that seems so daunting?  I want the health and beauty benefits of going….what is it?


(Note: this was written while on the treadmill and had a great picture to go along with it; however, the WordPress app on my phone and I are having a disagreement at present…no picture because I am now too lazy and really just want to go to bed.  I have tried making it work all day from my phone.  How annoying!)

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  1. Ed

    In your ‘spare time’ you might want to read “Drive” by Daniel Pink. He talks about what really motivates people. What was helpful to me was the notion that there is an invisible force that works against any change you are trying to make. I think he calls it impedance. We have to work to overcome it as we try something new, new diet, new workout, or starting a new routine. For me, it is all the little things that stand in my way of what I really want or should do. If I can think of it as a battle- it’s not so overwhelming. But often, it is too overwhelming and impedance wins as I putt off doing my exercising or washing the dishes or whatever the task.


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