Squeezing Out the Last Bit

I have a favorite toothpaste. It is Crest…and then the rest I forgetn but the tube is pictured here. We have had one tube of it left all summer, and all summer I have squeezed out “the last bit” several times.

As I have done this over and over for a few months, I have chastised myself for being cheap – just buy more! I have even accused myself of being forgetful and lazy – just buy more! I did buy more toothpaste, but it was the wrong kind. I do use that more often than my favorite one, but I cannot bring myself to throw away that one tube and stop squeezing out just a bit more.

This toothpaste tube is metaphorical of my life. I never want to give up on a good thing until I have squeezed as much out of it as possible. I want 10 more minutes of reading before I go to bed, one more good song on the radio before I go in to work, or even one more email to a good friend before I close the computer at night.

Today I had to enlist Beth’s help in order to get one more last bit out. I had tried unsuccessfully a few times – squeezing up the last bit of toothpaste and then watching it retract as I tried to get it on the toothbrush. My daughter did give me quite a look when I described my request to her. And then she obliged. She’s a good kid.

This is also metaphorical of my life! I love bringing others into my crusade of squeezing just a bit more out of life. Let’s give this back to the world, let’s join this gym, or let’s start this new program. It will be fun! Let’s squeeze just one more section of time out of this tube of toothpaste…help me do it!

Although this squeezing can exhaust me and those around me, I think it is a great way to live life. While I respect the need for balance and rest in life – and will continue to learn more how to apply this to my own life daily – the idea that “the time is now; the time is here” (Dr Seuss) is one that I wish to live and pass on to my children.

The day is before me…what will I squeeze out of it?

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