Shower Buddy!

As someone with a life that puts me into contact with others nearly all waking hours of the day, I truly enjoy the alone time I have in the shower each day.

Many times I have wished to become a morning person so that I could be the first one in the shower in our house as this seems to be the quietest time of the day. Being the second or third person in the shower means that others will come in to brush their hair or brush their teeth. Inevitably, they talk to me when they are in there. I love my family, but a few moments to enjoy the quiet is awesome.

Beth and I have had a great weekend together! We have had many talks and will have more as we drive home this afternoon. When in Grand Forks, we sleep at the Happy Host Inn – my childhood home as my parents bought the motel at the end of my ninth grade year. This morning, Beth awoke first, showered first, and – as usual – went to have motel breakfast.

I looked forward to my quiet shower!

At the end of my shower, however, I discovered that, though my shower was quiet, I had a shower buddy – a spider. I could not pass this up as a blog post! I had gone the entire shower without noticing him (or her) and had assumed that I was alone. I was wrong!

As I snapped the photo, I realized something that this spider reminded me about. Even though I often consider myself to be “alone,” I am not ever alone. Because of my faith and knowledge of the spirit of God being around me at all times, I know and believe that I am never alone. In the same way that the spider dis not announce his (or her) presence with me in the shower, God does not announce His presence with me always.

The analogy breaks down, of course, in all of this…out of habit, I squashed the spider with a tissue and flushed the tissue down the toilet.

Neither I, nor anyone, can squash out the presence of God. For that, I am eternally grateful!

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  1. Peter

    I too enjoy quiet showers – not only do I find that I often produce some of my best ideas in a hot shower, but have noted that I often have my best prayer times there too (which makes for a fabulous excuse when I take a long shower).


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