“I Wish My Dad Would Take Me Out to Breakfast”

The amazing huz took the girl out for breakfast today.

This is yet another thing that I love about my family.  Kerry has a standing commitment to a group of men for breakfast on Wednesday mornings.  Last night, as we discussed which of us would take Beth to school this morning, somehow the idea of Kerry and Beth going to breakfast en route came up.  Within minutes, Kerry had informed the men that he had a date with his daughter and Siah had agreed to walk the dog so that Beth could sleep a bit longer in the morning.  In order to make it to school on time and get in breakfast, they needed to leave at 6:45.

This is something that we do regularly with our children.  Spending time alone with each of the kids is as important as spending time with them and as an entire family.  Conversations happen one on one that would not happen otherwise.  Beth and I are spending time together the entire weekend; these drives are highly entertaining as well as informative – for both of us.

At some point, the kids have realized that this time is important as well.  In addition, they seek it with us.  It was Beth’s idea to have breakfast with Kerry this morning.  She wants to spend time with Kerry.  Although she and I have a purpose for going out of town together, it was her idea to spend an extra night and do extra fun things together.  She wants to spend time with me.  Siah could have joined us on the trip, but he wanted to have a weekend alone with Kerry.  Amazing!

When Beth shared with her friends today at school that she had breakfast with her dad this morning, they responded,”I wish that I could have breakfast with my dad!”

Her friends do not mean that they want to eat with their parents.  They want to spend time with their parents.  As much as they say that they do not, they do.  Their parents need to take their kids out to breakfast and give them some space to talk, ask questions, and know that their parents care.  I work with parents every day who claim to care about their kids.  I do not doubt that they mean what they say, but their kids might doubt it if their parents never show them by giving them some time.

It is not about the food that is consumed at breakfast.  The breakfast is simply the vehicle of spending time together.  We do not have to be rich to parent well; we do, however, need to prioritize.  When I do not prioritize my children and give them the space that they need and deserve, I do not parent well.

To quote Edith Ann of Rowin and Martin’s “Laugh In:” And that’s the truth.  *pththththsst*

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One response to ““I Wish My Dad Would Take Me Out to Breakfast”

  1. Love it. Love going for breakfast with my kids as well. It’s so fun as they come home to arrange dates like this and make sure we get it in even on a 4 day visit. The topics that come up and conversations that can be had don’t always happen in the everyday routine.


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