Random Conversations from Today

In the car: I have had a really great day.  I woke in time to take my awesome daughter to school.  Let me rephrase that, I jumped out of bed in time to brush my teeth and change undergarments five minutes before Beth drove herself to school with me in the passenger seat.  I have no idea what we talked about on the way to school, but I know that it was awesome because Beth is awesome.

At the grocery store: I thanked the woman checking me out for working so early because I loved Cub at 8:10 a.m. much better than at 5:30 p.m.  I think she thought I had lost it, but I actually meant it.  Maybe she has never been to the grocery store at 5:30 p.m.?  I doubt it.  I sure would not if I worked at the grocery store.  Oh – that would be a disaster, by the way.  I would buy too much, I would eat too much food, and my budget would be a bust.  I also think that I would talk too much to customers, and they would possibly find that creepy.  I already talk to them when I am just standing in line, and I think that many of them find that creepy…I just do not want to miss an opportunity to be nice.  I am especially fond of elderly woman who are shorter than I…they remind me of my Grandma Lois.  I adore her.

Did you track that conversation?  Grocery store – eat too much – disaster – creepy – adore Grandma Lois.  I do not have a problem with other people interrupting me; I do that plenty well on my own, thank you very much!

On the phone with a co-worker this morning:  I think I may have used the fact that I know this person outside of work to do a socially unacceptable (and potentially rude – please do comment about this!) thing.  As I was talking to her, I drove to the local “corner store” because I forgot to buy an onion at the grocery store for the crockpot meal that I made for supper tonight.  I looked for the onion and talked, but the conversation did not end before I needed to pay.  So…I asked to wait while I paid.  Is that bad?  The funny thing?  When I went rummaging through the refrigerator later in the morning looking for something else…I found half of a LARGE onion which would have substituted well for the small onion that I had bought.  Oh well.

On the conference call with co-workers in Oklahoma: These are very polite Southern men who start most conversations with me in the following way, “What is today’s high going to be?”  I think I sort of rubbed it in when I told them.  I also have this really bad habit of picking up accents.  Whenever I come back from the East Coast, Kerry makes me say certain words so that he can grin at my newly acquired accent.  I noticed that, after an hour of conversation with these men, I had quite an affinity to saying y’all (seriously – is it ya’ll or y’all?  I ask that question on Facebook at least once a quarter!).  Oops.

When I interrupted a meeting that my boss was having:  I really thought that my boss and another co-worker were sort of shooting the breeze.  They are two of the four men in my office of 18 people.  Yes – that means 14 women fight for the bathroom key.  Yes – we have to use a key for the bathroom.  Oh, did I mention that the men’s room is keyed to the office doors in the office suite.  Nice, right?  Anyway – I thought they were having a casual conversation as I had clearly misread my boss’s nonverbals through his window.  When I rounded his doorway, I discovered they were in a serious conversaion – with the regional director of customer relations, the “big wig” in our office suite.  My comment?  “Sorry – didn’t mean to interrupt a meeting of the minds?”  What did that mean?  And what did they think it meant?  What did I mean by it?  Wow – awesome, awkward recovery at that awesome interruption.

At the dinner table with the kids because the pastor is at a meeting tonight:  I cannot recount some of this because Beth would have to scold me.  Know, dear readers, that you are missing out on things from this conversation.  Also know that Beth did threaten to go to her room to get away from some of the conversation.  Eventually, though, Siah and I were discussing how to state something exactly how we meant it.  I stated that there should be comma between the two adjectives.  It was not my fault that he could not see the comma in his head as I spoke the words.  Rather than assume that I spoke incorrectly, he should assume that there was a comma there.  That then led to Siah and I discussed having our own radio talk show based on a concept similar to the NPR show called Car Talk where listeners get car advice with excellent commentary.  Our show would discuss grammar while giving each other, our callers, and any potential guests we may have on the show a hard time.  And we would interrupt ourselves a lot.  It would be a lot of fun, and I think a lot of people would listen mostly for our commentary.  The side benefit: While people recount how “these crazy people” talked about grammar on the radio, the world of listeners and their friends would virally learn why we use a comma in a series or why we say, “She is taller than I.”  Oh, the blessings we could all reap.

When I think about the day, it went really well.  I made some great connections with others.  And I laughed.  Mostly at myself.


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2 responses to “Random Conversations from Today

  1. I don’t think it was rude even though casual. It depends on the seriousness of the conversation.
    You Benders are highly entertaining. I wish I could spend more time with you.
    I would listen to your talk show. 🙂


  2. Kelly

    I would also listen to your talk show. And, I like Car Talk too. Is that bad? You can join my meetings anytime, if you feel like you haven’t enough.


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