The Best Family

After a long day at work, the doctor’s office, the dentist office, and a trip to the pharmacy, I returned home shortly after 7 p.m.  As I drove into the garage wondering why the door was up, I realized that Beth and Kerry were in the backyard doing yard work.  I walked into the house to an immaculate kitchen except for the food cooking on the stove.  When I walked into the living room, I noticed a massive difference from when I had left this morning.  It no longer looked like we had all arrived home from camp last week followed by a week of wedding, block party, Sunday School picnic, and Jacob’s Well festivities.

I kissed my husband and thanked him.

Last week at work, someone asked me what makes my family one that I look forward to seeing every night (apparently, I talk a lot about how great they are).

My family is the best because we do everything together.  We eat together, we work together, and we play together.  Everything gets done for the day for all, and then we can all be together.  Mind you, I don’t do my kids’ homework for them, and they do not go to court in my place.  But we do as much as we can for each other so that we can do as much as we can with each other.

And because of that, I am signing off…so that I can spend a bit more time with them before it is time for me to sleep.

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