Public Displays of Affection

Last night was fabulous.  Thanks to pain medication, it met all of my expectations to be able to twirl and enjoy myself.  We saw many people that we love, had our picture taken in the photo booth, and had wonderful cake pops as our “wedding cake.”  These are super cool; I am especially a fan of the white cake encapsulated by the white chocolate.  I am paying for it a bit today, and I did not even get out of bed until after one in the afternoon.  This allowed me just a wee bit of time to prepare for Faith Baptist Church’s Block Party – another great event that is now over for the year.  I am a bit sad.

At last night’s reception, the tapping of the glasses obligating the bride and the groom to kiss started the minute they entered the reception hall.  I think it may have been my husband who loudly began this moment.  After Joel and Amy had kissed, one of the groomsmen announced that there would be more kissing happening than just Joel and Amy.  Every time the glasses were tapped, someone in the wedding party would pull a couple’s name.  This couple would then come to the front, “show Joel and Amy how to do it,” and then they would attempt to duplicate the kiss.  I think this may have actually increased the number of times that the glasses were tapped, but it is a fun way to keep guests entertained.

Several couples had the chance to do this, and I started to get antsy.  I love to kiss my husband!  There was a period of time when my Facebook profile picture had so many pictures of the two of us kissing that I started having wall comments about it.   Fortunately no one had taken “our move” before our names were drawn.  Because Joel and Amy were close to our table at the time that our names were drawn, we kissed near our table.  That, apparently, was not right, so we had to move closer to the wedding party’s table and redo our kiss.  I am not complaining.

We had an excellent time last night, and we wish the new Korkki couple a lifetime of happiness!

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  1. Fun post and love the move!


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