Step Up and Stand Up

This commitment to blogging daily is hard to do!!

I am blogging on my phone which will explain frequent paragraph breaks. Kerry and I currently are in the car en route from one of my husband’s best sermons ever (and a beautiful wedding! Happy Day, Joel and Amy!!) to one of my most anticipated wedding dances ever (because I am wearing a great dress!!).

It is not uncommon for my husband to state in his wedding sermons that a marriage is an illustration of Christ’s love for the Church; however, the way in which he incorporated this image into a charge to the wedding party was unique, exciting, and profound. It was, in essence, a charge to all in the congregation as we support and pray for Amy and Joel in their marriage.

He said to the women that, though they could listen to Amy when she struggles with marriage issues, it is their responsibility to step up and to stand up for Amy’s marriage by firmly directing Amy back to Joel. He also said that we could expect Amy to demonstrate love to Joel in the same way that the Church loves Christ.

He told the men a similar thing saying, “In Joel’s case, you might need to kick him in the pants.” He said that we should expect Joel to demonstrate love to Amy in the same way that Christ loves the Church.

As a young girl who grew up in the aftermath of my biological parents’ divorce, I wonder how life can be different for those who view marriage in this way.

As a woman who strives to be a wife in a marriage centered on this idea, I know that it can be different. It is also amazing that our close family and friends hold us accountable to creating a marriage which illustrates the relationship between Christ and the Church.

After sixteen years of marriage, I can honestly say that I know better what this means than I did on our own wedding day. This is, in part, to my privilege of having a pastor for a husband who preaches frequent wedding sermons. However, the fact that our church community, family, and friends encourage us to be better together than we were apart is a huge part as well.

Though today we celebrate the wedding of two dear friends, Kerry and I also celebrate our own marriage and the many people who are a part of keeping it together every day.

Thanks, y’all.

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