I Want to Twirl!

Tomorrow is a big day in the life of two very dear people – the future Mr and Mrs Korkki. As excited as I am for them, I have also been looking forward to this day for a very selfish reason – I have a beautiful dress that I can’t wait to wear.

This is wedding number two in the fall of many weddings. When I realized how close together these weddings were and how many of the same people would be at three of them, I went on a search for the perfect outfits.

One day completely on a whim, I tried on a dress. And it fit! And it looked good! Or rather – I looked good in it!

Another day, also on a whim, I tried on another dress. And I looked good in that one!

Purchase number two is the fancier of the two purchases, but it is also the more fun of the two. I plan to wear it tomorrow night.

And I hope to twirl!

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One response to “I Want to Twirl!

  1. Penny Korkki

    Twirl away dear loved one!


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