Changing Seasons

Fall has arrived in Minnesota.  

I know this because my windows are open, and I can breath the crisp air rather than feel smothered by humid air.  I know this because my daughter went to school today and because my son is sitting at the dining room table doing his schoolwork.  I know this because this coming Saturday is the Faith Baptist Block Party.

Summer has flown past me in a blur of trips to camp, the absence of my children, and an attempt to get my life in order before fall arrived.  While I feel successful in many parts of that attempt, there is much left to pull together.  Having my back go out only two weeks after the triumphant completion of my first 5K is leaving me discourage.  I want to continue down the path of better health, and this feels like a setback.

Winter in Minnesota comes with a fury anytime between October and January.  Because of its unpredictable nature in both its arrival and its departure, winter weighs on us like no other season.  While many of us love winter sports, eventually even the fun of winter can get long if winter comes too early and stays too long like it did last year.

With its late arrival in 2011, I’m not even sure if spring had a chance to say,”Hello!”  to us.

Perhaps it is true that Minnesota only has two seasons – shoveling and road construction.

Just like the seasons in Minnesota change without much notice, predictability, or continuity, seasons in my life seem to change without my permission.  One day my children were little, but today they are not.  One day I was in my twenties, and now I seem to march quickly toward my forties.  With each day that passes, only one thing seems to be certain: I am not ready for all of these changes.

Perhaps this is a perfect sign of a control freak: I don’t mind changes as long as I am in control of them.  What happens to me rather than by me is what throws me off.  I am content to change the arrangement of my furniture in my house when  I choose to do it, but when a friend rearranges her house – I am lost and thrown off.

And now I have more to ponder…

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