I meant scary.

Today was the first day of school for Siah; tomorrow will be the first day of school for Beth.  I came home from work today, and Siah handed me his debate meet schedule and his cross country meet schedule.  I have now entered all of these items into the Google calendar, and Gmail has sent me the confirmations that Siah plans to attend all of the items that I invited him to attend.

I am having a hard time not feeling overwhelmed by this.  In fact, my neck and back hurt worse now that I have entered all of these items into the calendar.   My weekend schedule from now until mid-January is filled with debate, weddings, and more debate.

Tomorrow Beth will return home with information about musical tryouts next week, Chamber Singer tryouts, and more.  Once she gets into the musical and other groups, there will be schedules for those as well.   I will enter those into the calendar, and my neck and back will likely tense up then as well.

I think that I was so looking forward to the kids coming home from a summer at camp that I forgot that, when they are home, their schedules are chaotic.

This is not a bad thing.

I love that my kids are involved, successful, and wonderful.  They fill my life with great things.  Those great things need to be coordinated and scheduled.  This should not cause me distress, but today apparently it has.  I think what is causing me the most issue is that there was little time to transition from, “Kids @ Camp” to, “Wow – the kids have a lot on the schedule!”

I will sleep on this and start over again tomorrow…bright and early when I drop off Beth for her first day of school.  In the meantime, I will consider taking a hot bath and a rub down of my back and neck with something menthol-ish to soothe the tense muscles.

I am pretty sure that moms all over Minnesota are going through the same routine.

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  1. yep, this too shall pass….in a couple years…when you drop them off at college and you are back to the unbusy schedule and wishing they were home. Enjoy the business while it lasts….;-)


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