Writer’s Block

Today was a full day.  We returned home from Village Creek, unpacked, started laundry, and ate dinner.  As the day went on, like many days, things happened that made me think, “I should blog about that.”  It is 8:55 p.m., and I have yet to blog today.  Nothing has really hit me; nothing really seems blog-able.

This would happen to me.  I started this blog as a way to catch my thoughts, draw them out of me, and capture the racing mind.  Now that I have committed to a blog a day, I find it hard sometimes to actually do the blogging.  I feel like I have writer’s block – that inability to get anything down on paper…let alone anything meaningful.  Most of the time when “writer’s block” is used it refers to the inability of a writer to further the plot.  What would happen to a character next or what a character would do next – that is writer’s block.  Simply lacking the ability to write anything is also writer’s block, I suppose.

Perhaps it is the pain medication…

Whatever the problem is, staring at the screen will not fix it.  And at this time of night I doubt that I will come back out to my computer for round two.  In order to fulfill the “requirement” that I have set up for myself, I will just hit the button to publish this and hope that tomorrow has more inspiration for me.

One thing can be said about this blog: it will keep track of the ebb and flow of my mind racing.  Today’s blog will have less than 300 words while others have been as high as 1200.  I think that there is a causal relationship to be discovered, but I’m not up for that tonight.

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