Rest Therapy

I have found myself in a new season – one in which I care for my body’s needs, one in which I listen to the cues my body gives me, and one in which I forgo the fun of the moment in order to have fun later.

I have not always been this way.  I tend to be an “all in” kind of gal.  I play hard, I work hard, and then…well, I crash hard.  This kind of cycle is not good for anyone’s body nor is it good for those around me.  I may be fun for a while, but when the monster turns because I have not had enough sleep, not taken care of myself, or not listened to those cues – I am ugly.

My children claim to notice a significant difference in me since I have started taking better care of myself.  They prefer a more balanced approach to life.  At first, creating this balance was difficult because it seemed unusual for me to go to bed earlier than the rest of the family, strange for me to leave a project unfinished, and odd for me live proactively instead of reactively.

This morning, Kerry gave the Sunday morning message not at our home church but at Labor Day Family Camp.  His topic was the Sabbath and the rest that we should find in Christ.  I found it interesting that a few hours later I was contemplating whether to spend the afternoon in conversation with the gang or to listen to my body and let it rest for a few hours.  According to one camp staff person, the evening’s activities warranted that most of us should all plan a nap.

I tried to stay up this afternoon.  I wanted to hang out and talk.  But as I sat outside, I could feel my body begging me for rest.  I had plenty of sleep last night; that was not the problem.  I have done well going to bed at a reasonable hour so that I could get enough sleep.  The problem is that with pain comes extra work for our bodies, and my back is still giving me trouble despite the excellent massage yesterday and a wonderful hour long bath this morning.

I chose rest.  I doubted that I would fall asleep, but I did.  Even if I had not, though, the rest would have been therapeutic.  To relieve my body of any pressure from standing, sitting, or going from standing to sitting was necessary so that it could rejuvenate and prepare for the evening ahead.

Rest was created for us to enjoy and for our bodies to heal.  When my body asks to rest, I need to listen to it.  Regardless of what needs to be done or of what fun I forgo, rest is primary.  I am not alone in this as our bodies were created this way.


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