Me? Hit On?

Today I celebrate the 31st continuous day of blogging, and there is truly no better topic for today than this one.  It is not just an eye catcher, dear readers.  It is true.  I got hit on.   Before I divulge the scandalous details, however, I have to say that my husband knows about the incident and even has thoughts about what God is trying to tell me through the experience.

I have fallen, again (July is over….it was Water Only July…this is now August), into the habit of stopping at a gas station every day on my way to work and buying a can of Coke as well as, sometimes, a 33cent bag of Lay’s BBQ chips.  It truly is the breakfast of champions!  I pretty much stop at the same gas station every day because it is convenient, they have cans (my preferred mode of Coke delivery), and they have 33cent bags of chips (cheaper and smaller portion sizes).  While I could blog until I am blue in the face about the negative effects of Coke on my life, that really is beside the point here.  In addition, I realize that a piece of fruit would satisfy me more than the bag of chips; however, again, that is beside the point.

So – for the past month on weekdays, I have frequented – almost daily – the same gas station.  The same person is attending the gas station every day; I have made the assumption that this man is the owner, but I could be wrong.  Being outgoing and polite, I greet this man when I enter the store; he responds in kind.  This has repeated itself several times in the past month.  I probably had stopped there some in the spring and early summer (before July) as well, but I have been to work now pretty solidly for the past three weeks.

Looking back on the month with the lenses of a post-hit-on moment, I recall some events that could have predicted yesterday’s “hit” and may even realize that today is not the first actual “hit.”  One such incident occurred a few weeks back. I had collected all of the change that I could find on my side of the bedroom, had combined that with the change in my car, and had placed it all in my back pocket.  When it was time to pay, I struggled with getting the change out of my back pocket.  The gas station attendant had offered – what I thought was innocently – to help me get the money out of my back pocket.  I had laughed off the incident.

Early in the week last week, we exchanged pleasantries, he asked my name, I told him, I asked him his name, and he told me.  I saw this as completely innocent at the time, but now I am super glad that we had remained on a first name basis.

And then yesterday.

It went just like any other day.  I walked in, said hello, headed to the cooler to grab my Coke, walked over to the chips to get my chips, and then stopped to pay before heading out the door to work.

But then it went differently.

I had placed my phone on the counter so that I could get the money out of my pocket.

He said, “I like your phone.”

Smiling, I said, “Thank you; I like it too.”

Then he said, “I would like to call it sometime.”  Or it could have been, “I would to know the number.”  Or it might have been, “I would like it to call me sometime.”  It’s really hard to say!

Well, HELLO!  I did not see that coming!

Thankfully I regained my senses quickly enough to make some comment about how my husband and I are happily married and that he might have something to say about that.  I tried to laugh the whole thing off, and he said, “Well, he is a lucky man.”

I called Kerry right away and told him the whole story.

I was sort of shaken by this event.  I was not sure how to feel, how to react, and how to think.  I am 37 years old; I have no idea if someone has ever hit on me! This was so out there, so obvious…so uncommon for me.  For a minute, I was flattered.  And the next minute, I felt wrong – almost dirty.  After I got off the phone with Kerry, I started to analyze any event that I could remember to see if I had somehow brought this on or if I had misled this man to thinking I wasn’t married.  But I could not think of anything that I would have done to make this happen.

In a way, it was sort of comical.  I think that is where I am right now.  The whole thing was just sort of funny.  I told co-workers about it in the afternoon, and we had a good laugh.  The reason I told them about it was because I had lost my phone at that point.  This is funny too!  I had gone into the ladies’ restroom before a meeting because another co-worker had told me that I had a spot of white dust on the back of my pants.  When I came out, I could not find my phone.  I went nuts – all of my contacts are in there, five email accounts, etc.  I even ran out to my car!  During the meeting, a co-worker showed me the phone through the window.  I was so relieved that she had not toyed with me and kept it from me!

Back to being hit on…

Of course, Kerry has his take on why this happened.  While I was recounting the events to him over the phone as I sped away from the gas station post-event, he listened intently.

I said, “Now I can’t go there anymore!”

His response:  Maybe this is God’s way of telling you to stop drinking Coke.


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3 responses to “Me? Hit On?

  1. Nice.
    If that’s the gas station I’m thinking of, I was hit on once there too. He made a comment about my blue eyes.
    I’ve also been hit on a few times while walking on Lowry. One time in particular really made me irritated. I had already determined not to make eye contact with any man, at most a simple nod their direction. Well there were two men waiting for the bus stop. I could kinda see them look me up and down out of the corner of my eye. One of them asked how I was. I didn’t want to be rude so I dully replied “I’m fine” as I kept up my pace. He commented “Yeah you are.” Err don’t treat me as a piece of meat.


  2. Good post Stacy! I think you have another one in you about why Kerry was the first one you called….we live in an age where that doesn’t necessarily happen and would be worth reflecting on.


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