Changing My Ways

When I started blogging again on August 1 and committed to blogging every day, I envisioned that I would sit down at the computer every day and pour out whatever prose came from the top of my head.  As the name of my blog insinuates, there are times when my mind races, and I needed an outlet to slow the mind, catch the thoughts, record them, and share them.  What I have found over the course of the past twenty plus days is that thoughts tend to be tied to images.  As I go through my day, I think,”Oh, I should blog about that…” about twenty times.  The thought that typically follows that one is, “I should take a picture to remind me and to share on my blog.”

Cell phones are a fabulous companion as most of them have cameras on them.  Over the past few weeks, though, I have found the limitations on my Blackberry annoying.  I want to share better images.  I want to see the images as I did when I was there.

I want to capture the memories better.

When I wrote that last sentence, part of me wants to look in the mirror and be sure that I am still me.  Who is this person?

The person who has poo-pooed (is that how we spell that? well, it is now!) scrapbooking and memory books wants to capture memories better?

Who am I and who stole the old me?

In order to better capture the images around me, we have purchased a new camera for my use.

I am so excited!

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