We had a great time seeing our kids at Village Creek Bible Camp for about 24 hours.  We just pulled in, and I need to get this blog post up to fulfill my commitment to blog every day.

At supper tonight, I bit down on a super soft piece of yummy turkey and heard a crack.  I slammed my hands down on the table and yelled at everyone sitting around me, “Did you hear that?”

I could tell right away that they did not hear it, and it became obvious rather quickly to me they thought I was a little nuts.  I informed them that I thought I cracked my tooth.  Using my tongue, I felt around my teeth and discovered a little line on my very back tooth.  Shortly thereafter, I pushed on the tooth with my finger, and part of it fell off leaving the inside of the tooth exposed.  It is Saturday!  My dentist will not be open until Monday!

A good friend (and camp employee) assisted me in a temporary fix.  I am a total wimp when it comes to teeth issues, and she handled me quite well – firmly.

Thanks, Sue!

That is all for tonight – this girl is tired from the drive home from camp!






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