Dunk Tank!

They dunked me more than 20 times in 30 minutes.

Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment, or it could be that I like to draw attention to myself.  It does not really matter what the motivation behind it was; either way I found myself in the dunk tank at my district’s annual marketing event last Saturday.  Everyone in the district who can works four hours in support of this event so that they can get the day before  Thanksgiving off in exchange.  It is a great deal.  The assistant to the superintendent promotes the dunk tank as an even better deal – work one hour in the dunk tank (half an hour out of tank helping; half an hour in the tank) instead of four hours doing manual labor.  This is also a great deal.

What I do not understand is why more people do not do this, why there is not a waiting list of people for the dunk tank, and why – after I finished my shift – two shifts remained unfilled.

I had a blast.

The pictures below, taken by the awesome marketing guru named Jenny Buck, pretty much show exactly that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ironic thing about the fact that I did the dunk tank “as a way to avoid a four hour shift” is that I was there all day anyway.  Because I did the 5k in the morning, I saw no reason to leave at 10:15 a.m. only to return for my 12:30 shift.

Honestly, I went in the dunk tank because it is fun.  I screamed the whole time, gathered a crowd, made fun of the people throwing balls at me, and even jumped in once because I got spooked.  Administrators in the district office came out to see who was screaming because they could hear me through the windows inside the building.  There is not another shift that I would have wanted instead.

I already plan to sign up for the tank again next year.

Now I just need to find a wet suit and a lucky hat.


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3 responses to “Dunk Tank!

  1. Penny Korkki

    Good luck 🙂 with that “lucky hat” business!


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