Blogging on the Slow Mind

On August 1, 2011, I committed to blogging every day.   I thought that it would be good for me, that it would ease my racing mind, and that I would capture wonderful metaphors.  I am now 25 days into it, and for the past few days my mind has been nothing but slow.  There are few thoughts today that actually cross my mind let alone need any finishing in mind.

Three weeks ago I had more thoughts than I could catch or write in a single blog post, and blogging helped me focus.  For the past few days that has not been the case.  It could be this summer cold, or perhaps this summer cold is actually one of my crash moments after a rather highly productive mini-manic time.  It is hard to say.  It is certainly hard for me to say.  I cannot catch the thought, I cannot analyze it, and I certainly cannot come to a conclusion about it.  In fact, what I would like to do is go back to sleep.

Yesterday I went to Minute Clinic to see if I had left the cold long enough to turn into a bacterial sinus infection.  The nurse practitioner said that I had not, that I did not qualify (“you poor lady” were her exact words as I described the sinus pressure in all parts of my head) for any sort of intervention on her part, and that a high dose of Sudafed – the real stuff that you have to show your ID in order to buy – was my best bet.

I made the purchase, returned home, and settled in for a four hour nap.  Rest is the best of physicians, but I have not lacked in sleep this week.  In fact, if one would count the number of hours that I have spent in bed as opposed to out of it, one would find that I have slept more that I have been awake.

While I am committed to blogging every day, I cannot commit to being interesting or to being profound or even to being …. ummm …. seriously – I just lost the third thing.  See what I mean?  Maybe what I meant to say was that I cannot commit to completing thoughts?

I am hopeful that today and tomorrow can be better days in my mind and in my body than the past few have been.  There always is another day to blog.  As for today, I will end this blog at just over 400 words – nearly 1/3 of my regular word count.

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One response to “Blogging on the Slow Mind

  1. Penny Korkki

    Although, I agree that none of us can commit to being interesting everyday, even today you were succinct and insightful. 🙂 I love you Stacy. Feel better soon!


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