Feeling Icky

It is Wednesday, August 24, 2011, and I have not felt 100% since Friday night.

It started out as itchy and watery eyes with a bit of an “out of body” feeling on Friday night.  Yes – I went to a wedding dance and stayed out late that night.  It was great fun!  Perhaps I pushed myself too far?

On Saturday morning, I think I was too tired from the night before to notice if I felt icky or not.  I sniffled through the 5k (see First 5k Conquered for info on that experience), but I did not feel awful.  However, by the time that I hit the dunk tank, I knew that something was amiss.  My nasal passages were full of gunk, and I sniffled a bunch.  The dunk tank was great fun (when I get pictures from a few photographer friends who snapped some real doosies [sp?] of me in the tank, I will blog about that experience), but I kept forgetting to plug my nose throughout most of the 27 dunks in my 30 minute shift.  Water being forced upwards into my brain did not feel good.  After I realized that no one else planned to get dunked after me, I started blowing out of my nostrils as I plunged into the water.

When I dragged myself home on Saturday afternoon, I said to Kerry, “I do not feel well.”  My throat hurt, my nose was full, and my head felt like it was much bigger than it is.  We had plans to go out that night, but we changed them.  When I say “we,” I mean “I” and that he obliged.  Who wants to go out with a sick woman anyway?  My wonderful husband went to Chipotle to get me food that I could taste and that I could eat in the comfort of my pajamas.

We had plans on Sunday afternoon that we followed through with.  Thankfully, I found some Dayquil in the medicine cabinet; it helped immensely.  We enjoyed a fun afternoon with some people from church who had invited us to attend a performance of a musical at the Plymouth Playhouse.  Even though it hurt to laugh, I laughed because it was so funny.  That evening, after making a stop at CVS to replenish my cold medicine stash, I attended a backyard event where women from my church shared about their faith walks.  I was so blessed by all three of them; I am so glad that I did not stay home.

The cold hit me full force on Monday, and I left work as soon as I could. This is not a good week to be sick as new staff training and teacher workshops are happening. There are few things that are sacred in my district; this week of staff training is one of them.  If I am not in the hospital or have a doctor’s note saying that I am contagious, I need to be at work.  Yesterday was my last day to get any extra rest, and rest I did.  I slept from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. and then went down for the night at 8:30 p.m.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I dreaded that it was Tuesday and that I had a new staff person who needed my attention. Thankfully, the new staff person is someone I know – she knows what I am like when I am not sick.  That made all of the difference.

I do not like being sick.  Since changing jobs in January, I have been sick less than I had been in my old job.  I do not know if the new challenge helped me or if I saw fewer people and contracted fewer germs.  All I do know is that I do not like who I am when I am sick.  The selfish and whiny side of me pushes its way to the front, and I have a harder time reigning it in.  When I am sick, I do not want to care about what others say.  I want to talk about me, how I feel, and how I want to crawl in bed.  I have a harder time concentrating and articulating when I am sick.

The upside of this is that this state is only temporary.  Once I have doused this virus with enough water and Lemon Chicken soup from Panera, have slept enough to ward of the germs, and have blown the nasty gook out of my nose, I will return to my normal self.  I will be cheerful, kind, and considerate because all of those things are easier to be when I am not sick.  Right?

Actually – I think that being sick simply exaggerates my personality. When I am sick, I think that I simply let down my guard and am the sinful, selfish, and horrible person that I am.  I do not mean this in any self-denigrating way.  All I mean to say is that when I am not being intentional about the way I treat others or see others, I allow my sinful side to reign.  Being sick just requires me to be even more vigilant about this – or I should stay away from people.  I wonder sometimes if our bodies’ requirements for rest to recover from illness are not in someways a safeguard so that we do not say things we would not normally say or that we do not do things that we would normally do.

I cannot wait to get better.


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2 responses to “Feeling Icky

  1. Max

    Hey, Hon, I hope you are feeling better soon!
    Love ya,


  2. I feel your pain. I worked through this cold today and now I am miserable. I know of what you speak….it is all about ‘me’ right now! 😉


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