I doubt that this will be a very long post as I am still processing what I think about this.  Perhaps someone who read this post can write something awesome about the photo.

A couple of days ago, I visited Beaver Creek Valley State Park (see post on August 4).  As I crossed the creek on my return journey to my car, I noticed a “flutter” (yes, that is what it is called according to several websites) of butterflies on the road.   A car had passed me moments before I saw this.

 When I looked closer at the flutter, I realized that several of the butterflies had been squashed – dead.  The picture above does not show how many others circled around as they flew off as soon as I neared them to take the photo.  Once I moved farther away, they returned.  I stood and watched them for several minutes.  What I saw was fascinating.   It looked like they were trying to move the dead ones, encourage them to fly again, or something.  Nowhere else nearby were there as many butterflies – they swarmed to those flattened by the car wheels.

These were insects, right?  Do they feel?  Did they sense that something had gone terribly wrong with their flutter?  What goal did they hope to attain?  What could they do?

I still cannot finish my thoughts on this; it has been three sleeps since I saw this…

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One response to “Community?

  1. Max

    I think they were probably cannibalizing each other. I’m not sure, but that’s my best guess. So maybe instead of “Community?” the title should be “Cannibalism?” Or you could combine the two, “Community Dinner?”


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