A House in Progress

I love road trips.  Most people who know me know this about me.  It’s a little bug that I think I inherited from my Auntie Mary.  I took a few road trips to Wisconsin throughout the past year to visit a friend, and on the way to her house is the town of Columbus where an old house is being refurbished.

The first time I saw it, I knew I needed to take a picture of it because it rang so loudly in my soul that this house is a metaphor of the Christian life.  This house is run-down and should probably be torn down.  It may have even been condemned by the city; who knows?  It is old, it has definitely seen better days, and it is ready to retire.  But someone thought it was worth saving and has chosen to refurbish this house from inside out, from top to bottom.  The house is not only getting a paint job, but the old paint is being scraped off.  The house is not only getting new doors, but the old ones are getting torn away.  The structure of the house is being left as is – anyone who knew the house twenty years ago would say it is the same house – but the house is getting a second chance.  The house is not doing this to itself, but someone is doing it for the house and to the house.

I am this house.

From God’s perspective, I was in need of refurbishment.  He saw me in that state and knew me.  He has known me since I was born.  I was this house – in desparate need of refurbishment.  When I asked Him to be a part of my life, the project began.  He had a creative vision for me on the inside and the outside, and He began that work in me.  He wanted to scrape away the old and repaint me with the new (the house is white…also a fabulous metaphor).

Where I have been misguided in my thinking at times is when I think that the refurbishment project is a short process or one that has been completed. 

I just went through there again this week, and the house continues to be in progress. 

Just like me.

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