From the Balcony

Jacob’s Well is a monthly worship service on the second Saturday of every month.  It is slightly different than a typical Sunday morning service with different elements every month.  Some months the band is complete with bass, acoustic, and electric guitars as well as drums and piano.  Some months there has been a violin or an additional electric keyboard.

Tonight we are having a more accoustic feel, and I am honored to be joining Todd who runs sound in the balcony so that I can run the word slide show. 

I can’t remember when this service started at our church, but I have never been sad that I have attended. There have been some Saturdays that I have just wanted to stay home and sleep because the week had been long or the day had been filled with cleaning.  There have been Saturdays that I just didn’t feel like praising God.  I know – that is horrible to admint, but it is the truth.  Most of the time when these feelings are there, I leave the house hoping just to make it through the night without falling asleep.

But I am always glad that I go.  Some nights I have literally laid on the pew and just listened for the first few songs.  Some nights I have closed my eyes and asked God to make the night go by quickly.  Some nights I have told God that I don’t expect Him to meet me there.

But He always meets me there.  Let me say that again – He always, always, always has met me there.  I have found that, although He would love for us to be excited to meet with Him, God does not care how we feel.  He wants our action.  Scripture speaks to this in many places.  We are to worship – an action – God … no matter what our feelings are, how we feel physically, or how our week has been.  God cares that we are tired, but He desires us to worship Him.

Most Saturday nights that I start out laying on the pew feeling sorry for myself, I have found that I cannot stay in that position for long.  As others around me have been worshipping the Lord through word, song, and deed, I have been pulled into worship along with them.  I have found myself on my feet, my hands in the air, and voice singing along with others.

When the night closes and the lights go up, my heart sinks that is is over. 

But is over?  Is our “time of worship” restricted to the time when we are led in song, Scripture readings, and prayer?  Is it restricted to a church building? 

What restricts me from worshipping God in word and deed all day long … all the days of my life?

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