Cherish the Cabin…

Seven years ago, Kerry and I bought a house with lake access “up nort” (as they say here in Minne-sooooooooooooo-ta).  It’s a great place to go, dontcha know.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea.  My huz is a pastor *gasp*, and we are blessed with a home in Minneapolis that is owned by our church.  We love our home; however, we also know that it is wise to own property.  Therefore, we purchased this cute little thing and have been blessed by it ever since.  We rent it out (or try to) for the winter months to college students at Central Lakes Community College (Brainerd), we use it as much as we can in the summer months.  This year, Kerry is on sabbatical (a leave from his church to study, refresh, write, and sleep), so the cabin will be his refuge.  Although it has air conditioning, it does not have internet access. 

Memorial Day weekend was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun there.  We laughed (ask my kids about Saturday night!), played games, and were on the water a lot.  Siah is an absolute rock star on a tube, and Kerry had to work very hard to dump that kid into the water.  Beth is fun to watch, rather listen to, while she is on the tube as well.  She prefers a fast but uneventful ride.  I just love to be the spotter (the older lady in the boat who watches for when the kid(s) falls off of the tube.  But more than the fun we had, I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend time than listening to the sound of waves, loons, bugs, trees, wind, and nothing.  Truly, we have been blessed, and I am so grateful that this place will be a refuge for my husband’s mind this summer.  I even get a little alone time up there;  however, I am so tempted to fill it with others…
I realize that not everyone has a cabin, and I do not take what we have for granted (especially when I write the check every month!).  But there are ways for us all to get away from all of this great technology and to find a spot that reminds us that we are more than just autotrons, connected to our phones, our computers, and our cars. 
I heard a commercial on my drive this morning.  I laughed at first, but then I thought, “What a clever commercial!”  It talked about the state parks of Minnesota, the great woods, the rivers, the lakes, and the bike trails.  We have so many opportunities in Minnesota – some right around the corner or even hidden in the depths of our cities – and that makes us so fortunate!
Don’t worry – I’m not becoming a huge hiker, tenter, etc.  I still need running water and prefer air conditioning.  But…a little more time outside, a little more time disconnected from the technology that I love, and a little more space in which God can speak – that is what I intend to seek out this summer.  The side benefits (hopefully):  a great tan, a few pounds lost, and some time gaining input from God about where He plans to lead me and my family.

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