I hate to cry!

I mean it.

I can’t stand the feeling of overwhelming emotion at the wrong time. I try really hard to stifle the wave that is about to crash over me…and I fail, and then I just sob. I don’t like it when I can’t talk, when my voice sounds wobbly and uncertain, and when I can’t think because emotions are overwhelming me.

It doesn’t really matter what the situation is. Weddings. Funerals. Someone else in tears. Pain of some kind – physical or emotional. My children upset with me. My husband leaving town for a trip. They all can cause a crying jag.

I can usually ward off a good cry with gum (learned that during my mom’s funeral doings 6 years ago) or a laugh or just a stiff upper lip that refuses to do it – if I know that I’m going to cry. The problem is when the cry is like the surprise wave on a good beach. The kind that I didn’t see coming and then *crash* it’s there and I am floundering in a mixture of salt and sand.

I guess crying is a lot like that – minus the sand hopefully.

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One response to “I hate to cry!

  1. I hate the feeling that I am losing control when the tears begin to flow over the edges of my lids.


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