Wanderings and Wonderings

There is a Christmas song that starts, “I wonder as I wander out under the stars.” These two words – wander and wonder – just one letter in difference and yet such a powerful difference in the two words. They can describe so much, and together they can define us. The define me.

I wander, and I wonder.

I wander more in my mind than in my body any more. I wander from where I am working to places far away – in my mind. I wander from the daily grind to a beach – in my mind. I wander…in ways that are spiritual as I “wander” away from the God who directs my path…why would I wander from that?

I wonder why some things happen to some people while not to those who seem to deserve it. I wonder if I will see that person in heaven…we all have “one of those people.” I wonder why God would send His Son to die for me…

Ultimately, though…I wonder why I wander….

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