Covers are Comforting!

We are in Aberdeen, SD, for the weekend visiting Kerry’s mom and dad. Last night as I went to bed, I started out too warm for covers but then could not fall asleep. I pulled up the sheet, and I felt a bit better but still could not sleep. I added the blanket and finally the quilt until the weight of the covers comforted me, and I could sleep.

As I was falling asleep, I contemplated how these covers were symbolic for me of the way that God clothed Adam and Eve in the garden when they discovered their sin and then again in the clothing us with righteousness that He provides for us through His son, Jesus.

As I discussed the blog post with Kerry, he reminded me that there is an entire theology about clothing in the Bible. It makes sense to me.

When we are sinful, we often talk about shame being an exposing feeling (that feeling of nakedness). When we confess those things to God, He is able to clothe us and re-clothe us in the righteousness that we have available to us because of what Christ did for us on the cross.

I need to remember to take comfort in the covers – the clothing that God provides…

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